Newspapers aren’t paper. Think digital

Jeff Jarvis butta giù un po’ di punti su cosa i giornali non sono più e quindi su come dovrebbero attrezzarsi. Qui.

* Newspapers are no longer magnets that will draw people in. Newspapers must go to where the people are. Repeat after me: “If the news is that important, it will find me.” Think distributed.

* Newspapers online are still selling scarcity to advertisers: just so many banners presented to just so many eyeballs. Google instead sells performance and that is what motivated it to create AdSense and to get more and more targeted and efficient and relevant ads all around the web. Think abundance.

* Newspapers are inefficient. I spoke with an editor the other day who broke down the 300-person newsroom of yore and conceded that only 50 of those people created journalism. I would add that when working with a much larger network in a new news ecosystem, the news organization can be even smaller and still see as much news reported. That’s what no one ever talks about when whining about how to support news: the other side of the P&L. Think efficiency.

* Newspapers are no longer monopolies. They have new competition. That’s why they can’t set the price for content or ads anymore. The market will. Get used to it. Think like capitalists.

* Newspapers are no longer factories. Not of paper, not of content. The new news organization will add value by organizing news, enabling it to be made elsewhere, helping it to be made better and bigger in a larger ecosystem. Think collaborative.

* Newspapers are stale. The minute – minute – they say anything, what they say can – if they’re lucky – become part of the conversation and then that knowledge is a commodity. The value to the old product disappears. It’s not the product that’s valuable. Think process.

* Newspapers aren’t conversations. And conversations are the new distribution. If you can’t be searched and linked – if you close up behind a wall – you won’t be found. Think open.

* Newspapers can no longer be about control. They have to be about enabling the community to share its own knowledge and succeed doing so. Think platform.

* Newspapers aren’t paper. That’s what’s killing them. Think digital.

Un pensiero su “Newspapers aren’t paper. Think digital

  1. Il problema è che quel “think” così poeticamente evocato rischia di essere insabbiato proprio da quel “digital”. Facebook e i casi sempre più numerosi di pubblicità occulte, di cui gli utenti non hanno la più pallida idea, ne è l’esempio lampante. Qualcuno mette in giro materiale.
    Il materiale gira.
    Viene commentato dopo che il pensiero è stato “formulato” nel tempo di un click.
    E nessuno osa chiedersi perché.


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